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Praise for I Cried

Raw and relatable, Lysa Allman-Baldwin’s words tell the universal tale of crucifixion and resurrection – from the pains to the promises.

~ Dr. Richard Loren Held, Spiritual Director, Unity in Lynwood

There are so many pieces that I could relate to. I spent so many years in therapy trying to figure myself out. Knowing that my inner child was not responsible for all the hurt was a huge revelation and started me on the path to happiness. The book is a great journal and a wonderful read.

~ G.D.

Lysa my beautiful!! This journey is spirit directed and full of blessings ready to unfold. Spirit was yelling at me … to remember that the perfect plan is the one unfolding in front of you – not the one that you or any mere mortal can necessarily control. Just a reminder. You’ve laid out all the parameters for spirit to work through you in this written work and in your truth telling over the next weeks, months, years, lifetime- and so you begin again. You have the love and guidance and support of the entire Godforce and abundant universe behind you.

~ M.R.

When life pulls the rug out from under you, and you fall harder, sink deeper and hurt more than ever before, where do you turn?  Lysa shares her life’s journey of awakening to support and assist anyone hopeless or struggling.  A raw, honest and straight-forward physical, emotional and spiritual healing “how to” for these chaotic times.

~ Carol L. Antle, LMT

I read your book in its entirety! It was captivating as well as inspiring! Thank you for being vulnerable and for sharing your journey…both the human and the divine with all the ups and downs. I loved your storytelling format, your honesty, insights, reflections, journal entries, and quotes. Your book will help others to love and accept ALL of who they are on this journey called LIFE. And it will be a reminder to reach out for help along the way. Thank you for being you and for loving yourself as you love others.

~ B.J.

Lysa Allman-Baldwin is a travel writer by profession.  “I Cried” chronicles a trip of a different type.  Her transparent, gutsy look at the journey toward transforming her long held limiting beliefs is full of twists and turns.  And it’s a heart-led road map for anyone who wants to explore the terrain of their own greatness.

~ Jeanne Looper Smith, Author of Retro Road Trip: Taking the Long Way Home

THANK YOU AGAIN, for putting your healing and transformation into print.  It has created for me healing as well has opened several doors in my life to look at.

~ J.D.

Your story is amazing I’m just approaching the halfway mark it’s seems like my own suffering really boils down to that “…subliminal belief that I was unworthy of anything…” It’s awesome Lysa I’ve already been bought to tears so many times. Thank you so much!!!

~ B.U.

In writing “I Cried.  And People Loved Me Anyway,” I believe Lysa has laid bare these essential truths: It is OK to feel our feelings, to not feel OK, to not put on a glossy smile, and ultimately ask (or SCREAM) for help.  It is OK to be fully present in our own humanity.  In fact, it is essential for our growth.

~ Mike Ringhouse, Member, Center for Spiritual Living Kansas City

It is a rare indeed that I read anything other than Esoteric books since this is of major interest and consequently an expression of what I do here in this world at this time. …  Some deep subtle beliefs surfaced (and still going on), the impetus so powerfully helped through your transmission and words. I only know (and want to share with you as a sister), one thing about myself; the one thing I can “stand on” pretty firmly, during emotional storms or calm, is that Sincerity underlies the “whatever it takes” mode, as a seeker of Truth. So I trust and SEE the Sincere teachers that come my way, such as you… a beautiful gift in this moment of time. Like you, I seem to get in some way that the, so-called, ups and downs are just a part of lessons… no blames, shoulds, regrets…only the potential “deactivation” of core beliefs (esoterically speaking). … please know how truly grateful I am to experience the moral courage you express to trust and speak your Truth.

~ L.S.

Love the book!  What courage to share your journey in such a personal way!  You show the reader that with effort and intentionality we can thrive, not merely survive, regardless of what life throws our way.

~ K.A.

This beautifully-crafted masterpiece reflects the hope and joy that is possible when we embrace life’s challenges.  Lysa Allman-Baldwin inspires and motivates anyone seeking to find purpose and meaning in their lives with words that reflect sensitivity and humor.  She reminds us that we are surrounded by wise sages who, as directional arrows, offer assistance, love, and support to us on our life journeys if we are willing (and courageous enough) to take the next steps on our own paths.  Allow Lysa to enlighten you in this courageous adventure.

~ Julie A. Connor, Ed.D., TED Speaker | Leadership & Teamwork| Communication & Conflict Resolution

Lysa Allman-Baldwin writes with honesty – intellectual honesty, emotional honesty and spiritual honesty.  Through that honesty, I found myself more than reading about her, I found myself feeling what she was feeling.  Feeling her pain, feeling her anger and feeling her confusion; feeling her strength, feeling her spirit and feeling her love.  For anyone who has gone through any type of emotional trauma – of their own or that of another – her book will be both a guide and a catharsis.  You will cry.

~ M.S.

For people suffering, depressed and frightened, perhaps the worst part is the sense of being ALONE!  Lysa Allman-Baldwin’s bravely intimate account of her own ‘rough seas’ can give comfort in the realization that “I am not alone in this terrible time and my getting outside support is critical to the healing process.”

~ J.D.

I’ve known storytellers in my life.  Many of them, in fact.  I’m drawn to them and can feel their experiences take root in my heart.  The ones that affect me the most are those brutally honest, soul bearing ones.  Lysa Allman-Baldwin has done that for me here, in her amazing book.  She has taken the very worst of experiences, filleted open her soul, and allowed us to take a peek inside.  Her brutal honesty, willingness to show all the warts, and bravery in coming through this dark journey holds treasures for the rest of us.  It’s about redemption and forgiveness.  It’s about responsibility and accountability.  It’s about being reminded that even the strongest of us can falter and how one woman shows us a way to find our way home.

~ Kate Guimbellot, Motivational Speaker and Trainer

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