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  • 20 US Places Before You Die

    As you might imagine, as a Travel Writer for over 18 years I have been to quite a few destinations in my time. However the list of places I want to go is probably five times as long, as there are just so many wonderful places, people, things, food, cultures and so forth that I want to experience. So I am always taking tips from friends, browsing through travel magazines and books and watching TV travel…

  • Haute Enchilada Café and Gallery

    Located just 19 miles north of Monterey, California along Highway 1 is the boutique fishing town of Moss Landing. It began in the mid-1800s as a wharf serving the many pioneers, fisherman and others who traversed the waterways in the area. Although it has grown over the years, it has still maintained it’s quaint (the population is just over 200 denizens and it encompasses only .4 square miles) fishing village ambiance, offerings visitors an intimate experience…

  • What’s Great About I-95?

    As the nation’s longest north-south interstate traversing 1,925 miles and 15 states, and “hosting” an estimated 565 million long-distance trips in excess of 100 miles, I-95 may just be one of the country’s most undervalued and under appreciated highways. What’s Great About I-95: Maine to Florida   written by Barbara Barnes—“a self-proclaimed road geek and life-long fan of road trips”—is an entertaining read chocked full of history, trivia, geography and geology tales and tidbits to learn and…

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