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  • What’s Great About I-95?

    As the nation’s longest north-south interstate traversing 1,925 miles and 15 states, and “hosting” an estimated 565 million long-distance trips in excess of 100 miles, I-95 may just be one of the country’s most undervalued and under appreciated highways. What’s Great About I-95: Maine to Florida   written by Barbara Barnes—“a self-proclaimed road geek and life-long fan of road trips”—is an entertaining read chocked full of history, trivia, geography and geology tales and tidbits to learn and…

  • Ethnic Heritage Towns

    America is often called the Land of Opportunity and has attracted cultures from around the globe dating back to its pre-Colonial days. Since that time, numerous immigrant communities have established their own cultural enclaves across the country, each offering its own unique international flavor and flair. Lindsborg, Kansas What do Handel’s “Messiah,” International Waffle Day and St. Lucia have in common? Lindsborg, Kansas. Located approximately 195 miles from Kansas City and 230 miles from Oklahoma City, Lindsborg…

  • Civil Rights History in Birmingham

    Referred to by some as “Ground-Zero for the Civil Rights Movement,” the Birmingham Civil Rights District in Birmingham, Alabama is pivotal to understanding the history of Birmingham. Situated in the heart of downtown, the District encompasses a great deal within six square blocks. In the center you will find Kelly Ingram Park, named after a former firefighter turned sailor who was reportedly the first U.S. Navy sailor killed in WWI. It was here where many grassroots…

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