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    Hello Travelers!  I have some exciting news! Amazing Escapades is getting a fresh new look! Technology has changed a great deal since I first launched this website several years ago.  Websites can now include engaging videos, enhanced graphics and imagery, interactive elements and more to offer much more of a dynamic visitor experience. I am answering that call and am in the process of moving over to a brand-new website platform. Please continue to enjoy the…

  • Black History Abounds in Asheville

    People of African descent have made significant contributions to every aspect of the landscape of the U.S. for centuries, from farming to commercial industry, the arts, politics, medicine and science, sports, media, gastronomy, music and more. In Asheville, North Carolina—nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains just one hour from Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the hills of Western North Carolina, and one of the most spectacular, inviting, and quirky cities in the country—this beautiful cornucopia…

  • From Farm to Table in Quebec City

    It stands to reason that a destination like Quebec City with such a vibrant social ambiance, outdoor activity scene, and grand historic and cultural presence would also offer a wealth of fantastic gastronomic adventures. It turns out that the culinary landscape here is an integral part of the livelihood of its denizens, ranging from its basic agricultural roots to A-list restaurants, and everything in between. Like many cities around the world, the farmer’s market is where…

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