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  • The Wonder of Chichen Itzá

    When traveling anywhere in the Yucatán Region of México, and/or in certain parts of the Quintana Roo region, one simply must sojourn to Chichen Itzá. Stating that Chichen Itzá is one of the Seven Wonders of the World is truly an understatement, in scope, grandeur, and significance. Named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is visited by well over 1 million people a year from around the world, and is also recognized as the most well-known…

  • Soul Food Stops

    Restaurants that appeal to the African American travel market go well beyond simple black history, culture, food or music. They create and share an environment that genuinely captures the connection and passion that people of color desire and feel for each other in their daily lives. Following are a few great spots for groups that offer authentic tastes and experiences of the Afrocentric diaspora to get your soulful sojourns on the move. Southern Twist in the…

  • On the Civil Rights Trail

    New Civil Rights Museums Prepare to Open The struggle for civil rights has been an important part of American history for centuries, and there are several entities dedicated to exploring and sharing the many stories behind it. In recent years, the fight for equality has gained much broader international awareness and appeal, now coming to the forefront with the opening of several new museums. Toward the end of the international slave trade between 1803 and 1807,…

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