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About Me

Welcome to  Amazing Escapades: Adventures for the mind, bod and belly!

My name is Lysa Allman-Baldwin and I am the Publisher and Editor of!

For almost 25 years, I have fed my wanderlust for “everything the world has to offer” by writing passionately about travel, cuisine, historic sites and attractions, cultural events, accommodations, spas, festivals and other travel-related topics for numerous print and online publications.  To date, I have visited over 20 countries, almost all of the U.S. states, and countless big cities, small towns and villages in between – and that list is continually growing!

So how did I get here?

My passion for travel began as a young girl when my mother took me and my sisters on travel adventures in our own backyards while growing up in New York, Seattle, South San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Those mother-daughter sojourns were filled with love and her deep-seated desire to teach us how to appreciate the multiple wonders of this world, including people, cultures, languages, cuisine, music and so forth.

Once out on my own, those early trips transformed into an almost obsessive wanderlust, whether in my own backyard or further afield.  Little did I know that my early childhood exposure to travel would become a full-time career.

After working in Corporate America for about 15 years, I knew that I was tired of someone else deciding what I did and how much money I made.  And although a steady “W-2 job” has its benefits, I wanted to be self-employed; I just didn’t know doing what.  The two things I did know, however, were that I had to make a good living at it, and it had to be something that I really enjoyed.  I had worked at jobs that provided one or the other, but I wanted both.  That was non-negotiable.

When I sat down and really thought about what I enjoyed doing, I realized it was writing.  And although I had been doing it in dry professional settings, I thought this might be an avenue to explore.

It was 1995 and I was living in San Francisco and working for an Asset Management company in the Financial District.  In the neighborhood where I lived, there was an African American newspaper called The San Francisco Bayview that I read all the time.  One day, I called and set up a time to meet with the publisher, asking if by chance they allowed people to write for the paper.  Not only did she respond with a resounding “Yes!” but they paid a little for each article as well (which I was not expecting, especially since I didn’t have any formal newspaper experience).

So, I started by writing book reviews from the scores of them sent to their office by publicists from around the country.  That led to assignments writing about events happening around San Francisco, and eventually to writing for another neighborhood newspaper in town.  (This was before the internet really got going and we used to hand deliver our articles on floppy disks!).

Getting a good flavor for this possible freelance career, I set a goal to keep at it for two years, stretching my wings to also write for other newspapers, magazines, travel guides, online publications and for private clients.  And if at that time it seemed like I could make a living at this, I would jump the “Corporate Ship.”

Well, almost two years to the day I jumped!  And other than jumping back on and off a few times over the years (marriage and kids coming into the picture), I eventually made the final leap and have never looked back.

My love and passion for travel is to not only experience the world around me, but also share with others how they too can broaden their understanding of and appreciation for everything the world has to offer, and ways to give back through travel.  My parallel loves are my two now teenage sons who possess the travel and gastronomy bugs as well, accompanying me on many sojourns around the globe.

About Amazing Escapades: Adventures for the Mind, Bod and Belly

In 2014, I launched Amazing Escapades.  It was created to provide fresh, inspiring, creative and engaging adventures for today’s savvy travelers in a wide variety of areas, including featured destinations, accommodations, attractions, cuisine, spas and resorts, tours and transportation, Ebony Escapes (African American focused), themed travel, travel necessities (clothing, gear, technology, etc.), giving back through travel and more.

I also offer a variety of Sponsorship and Promotional opportunities including:

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For other sponsorship and promotional opportunities and/or inquiries, please contact me at  You can also find me on:

Twitter: @amazingescapade
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In addition to, my work has also been published in Chevrolet New Roads Magazine, Visit KC, The Kansas City Star, MyTravelBiz, Group Travel Leader, Soul of America, Travel Squire, Virgin Atlantic, 435 Magazine, Amsterdam News, and Builders Television Network, among numerous other online and print publications 

My Book

A few years ago, my travels crossed paths with a very personal, inner journey which resulted in my new book, I Cried. And People Loved Me Anyway. Learn more about it here.

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