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Sky High Caribbean Cuisine

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Close your eyes and take in these images:

Caribbean-style lamb stew with red beans and rice.

Vegetable biryani with ratatouille, dhal, green pea masala.

Teriyaki chicken with egg fried rice, and stir-fried vegetables.

Caribbean Airlines - IMG_6223

Photo courtesy of Geovanni Hinds

Now open your eyes and look out of the window, at the clouds below you. Yes, below you! Because this is the view you will have, coupled with this amazing culinary fare on your plate, while traveling on Caribbean Airlines.

Serving up a ‘Taste of the Caribbean’

Ever since it launched its first flights in 2007, Caribbean Airlines has been delivery genuine Caribbean hospitality, and that includes through its full-flavored cuisine infused with traditional spices from a wide array of cultures including African, Indian, Chinese, and Creole.

Caribbean Airlines - IMG_6292

Photo courtesy of Geovanni Hinds

But it’s not about simply whipping up a few recipes to fit the “theme” of where they fly, rather to offer passengers a menu lineup that uniquely celebrates each culture through the food. And unlike some airlines that typically only step up their game for long flights, Caribbean Airlines offers these succulent gastronomic experiences on even their short haul flights.

Caribbean Airlines - IMG_6239

Photo courtesy of Geovanni Hinds

Palate prepare yourself for Guinness beef stew with creamed sweet potatoes, roasted vegetables, and broccoli florettes, curry goat with basmati rice, lentil dhal, and paneer with green peas, or seafood creole with creole sauce, turmeric rice, and baby carrots, just to name a few.


Photo courtesy of Geovanni Hinds

From the traditional flavors of Trinidad and Tobago to Jamaica, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda and everywhere in between, Caribbean Airlines offers travelers a hint of what to expect from their Caribbean getaway.

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