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Surviving Jet Lag

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Cold-like symptoms, fatigue, headaches…sounds like the beginning of the flu, right? Well maybe.

But if you’ve recently—or regularly—travelled cross several time zones, it’s more likely that you are experiencing the dreaded Jet Lag.

But don’t worry, many travelers say there are a variety of things you can do pre- and post-flight to help relieve the symptoms and get you back on an even keel in no time.

Independent Traveler offers a comprehensive guide to jet lag, prevention tips and jet lag remedies. Read more… 

The folks at Condé Nast Traveler say that “It would be great if there was some catch-all but perhaps the best way to beating jet lag is to know all the different elements that affect it.” Read more… 

Whether only crossing the U.S. or flying across international borders, Travel and Leisure offers some great tips to avoid getting jet lag in the first place. Read more…


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