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Last Supper in Oakland?

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Talking about things to do on a “Bucket List” kind of seems so final, and that if you don’t complete all of the things on it, your life just won’t be complete.

Yet when it comes to excellent culinary diversions you will often hear, “It was to die for!”

So to that end (please pardon the pun!), the folks at 7X7 Magazine, a San Francisco Bar Area lifestyle website, recently shared, “After years of putting together the annual Big Eat San Francisco … we expanded our famous culinary listicle across the Bay Bridge. From the chilaquiles at Grand Lake Kitchen to Hopscotch’s Yonsei Oyster, here are 50 things you need to try in the Town before you die.”

With items like the Naughty Cream Doughnuts from Doughnut Dolly (delish!) to the Grilled Double Cut Pork Chop at Wood Tavern, the Pizza Margherita di Bufala at Boot and Shoe Service and everything in between, gastronomic fans are sure to find a divine knife and fork adventure to suit their particular taste and desire. Read more… 


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