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What’s Great About I-95?

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As the nation’s longest north-south interstate traversing 1,925 miles and 15 states, and “hosting” an estimated 565 million long-distance trips in excess of 100 miles, I-95 may just be one of the country’s most undervalued and under appreciated highways.

What’s Great About I-95: Maine to Florida   written by Barbara Barnes—“a self-proclaimed road geek and life-long fan of road trips”—is an entertaining read chocked full of history, trivia, geography and geology tales and tidbits to learn and share.

For example, did you know that in Aroostook County, Maine (Milepost 260) more potatoes are grown here than in any other part of the country? 

How about that along the Pulaski Skyway in New Jersey at approximately Milepost 113, that travelers who choose the eastern spur of the turnpike can see, between exits 15W and 16W, a graffiti-marked hill that started 200,000,000 years ago as molten lava that was forced through existing sandstone?

And who knew that in Charleston, South Carolina near Milepost 96, that the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico in 1826 was the inspiration for the name of the plant “Poinsettia” when he first brought them to the U.S.?

While travelers may not have time to stop at some of the interesting places mentioned, the guide still actslike its own verbal “rest stop,” enticing passengers to anticipate what’s next and to enjoy fascinating facts during their journey. 

What’s Great About I-95: Maine to Florida is available at



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