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Category: Editor Quick Picks

“Will Work for Beer!”

Actually, I’ll work for just about anything that includes travel, so if a cold glass or two of beer is part of the journey, then count me in! Now, before you say, “I really don’t drink beer,” let me say that neither do I. But I more.

London at a Glance

I often tell people that the list of places I have visited is “this long” (stretching my arms from the crown of my head to about the top of my knees), “but the list of places I want to visit it ‘this long’” (extending my arms both more.

The Best of Northern Ireland

Folks all over the world just LOVE Lonely Planet! From their travel guides, ebooks, website and other resources, they offer some of the best global travel destinations, insights, photography, digital travel products and apps, and more.
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