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Category: My Favorite Things

Functional Apparel for the Male Traveler

For some great looking and very functional travel apparel men check out SCOTTeVEST.  Specializing in intelligently designed, TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing®, SCOTTeVEST produces a diverse line of products, allwith unique, hidden more.

GPS for your Luggage

If you’ve ever found something you wish you could return to its owner, or lost something without any identifying contact information, you’d probably appreciate FinderCodes Smart Tags. Available in key-ring, adhesive, cord-sleeve, more.

A Little Peace of Mind

Many travelers use ear plugs to block out loud airplane noises, crying children and other loud sounds, whether moving about by train, plane, boat or automobile. While these work well for some, there are others who simply want to more.

Freshness on the Go

Sometimes hand sanitizer is just not enough, and your face, underarms or neck might need a little “tune up.” Enter La Fresh, a line of essential cosmetic, skincare, hygienic, and cleaning wipes or gel for men, women and children. more.

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