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Category: Themed Travel

Ethnic Heritage Towns

America is often called the Land of Opportunity and has attracted cultures from around the globe dating back to its pre-Colonial days. Since that time, numerous immigrant communities have established their own cultural enclaves across more.

Say “Spaah!” in Germany

Anytime is a great time for a relaxing spa escape, and what better country in which to experience it than Germany. From Bavaria to the Baltic Sea, the Thuringian Forest and other regions, you can find a wealth of spa options to more.

Friends with Benefits!

Everyone can use a few Friends with Benefits! And while you might think I’m talking about…well…you know…it’s not what you think, rather my attempt at highlighting some of the numerous travel writers and photographers I have met and more.

I’ll See You in Court!

Reminiscing a bygone era can take place in a variety of forms – music, art, the written word, photography… But the latter is the medium that Chris Flook, a telecommunications instructor at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, more.

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