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Escape to Frisco-Texas, That Is

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It is an amazing experience to visit a destination about which you know absolutely nothing, sponging up all it has to offer like a toddler exploring its surroundings for the first time. Such is the experience in Frisco, Texas, located 20 minutes north of downtown Dallas.

As a suburb in the Dallas Metropolitan Area, Frisco has its own unique flavor and flair. It is a great place to raise a family, and offers a wide variety of attractions, retail shops, restaurants, and the like. In 2010, the city experienced a 347 percent population growth, making it currently the fastest growing city in America. Today, it is home to approximately 141,550 people.

To understand Frisco today, it is important to delve into the history of the city. In the 1800s it was known as Lebanon, and served as an important stop for settlers heading massive cattle drives along the Shawnee Trail. Like many settlements across the country, particularly in the western states, the founding and expansion of the railroad paid an integral role in its development.

In 1902, a line of the Pacific Railroad Company line that stretched across the state of Missouri was extended, becoming part of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad. Because it now stopped in Lebanon, capitalizing on the new businesses opportunities available with the scores of cattlemen making their way through the area, it provided a great deal of economic growth for nearly every aspect of the city. That same year another railroad line came through here from other parts of Texas, spawning the growth of the population and new business entities.

A few years later, in honor of the first railroad line here, the settlement was renamed “Frisco City” and later shortened to “Frisco.” A new American city was born.

An interesting fact about Frisco is that its nickname is “The Windy City,” which most attribute to Chicago because of the strong winds that blow off the lake. And while this may be true, there are those in Frisco who contend that the moniker is a not-so-gracious nod to the city’s historical political figures that were known to always tell stories, ergo “emit wind out of their mouth.”

That’s the fun and interesting thing about history–it can vary, depending on its source and local lore. In Frisco, the moniker refers to the constant breeze that wafts through the city year-round. It’s one of the things that make spending time in the outdoors so enjoyable.

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