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Kansas City

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Meet Me In Kansas City!

Affectionately and literally dubbed“The Heart of America,” Kansas City is a forged by a rich history.

Founded as a river landing at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers and formally incorporated in 1850, Kansas City is the most centrally located principal U.S. city – situated within 250 miles of both the population and geographic centers of the country. The central city is Kansas City, Missouri, but the metro area is a Missouri-Kansas bi-state community of 2.3 million people.

Throughout its history the city has been known by a number of other names as well. In its early days the settlement-turned-town-then-city earned a number of nicknames, including “Possumtrot,” “the Town of Kansas,” “Chouteau’s Town,” “Westport Landing” and “Kawsmouth.” The name “Kansas City” first came into use in the late 1800s and reflects the name of the Native American Kansa tribe who once lived in the region.

In addition to the Native Americans, Irish, English, Greeks, Mexicans, Germans, Italians, Eastern Europeans, French, African Americans and other settlers have made great contributions to the cultural landscape here over the years.

A strong mix of commerce and industry, the city has been named the country’s number one most affordable housing market several times, and Kansas Citians enjoy a standard of living higher than most, at a cost of living lower than most. 

With a diverse and growing economy, Greater Kansas City is a center for financial services, communications, health care, law, education and government. Warehousing, manufacturing and distribution are also major industries, thanks to its central location and abundant intermodal freight resources. Agribusiness is also strong, particularly in management and research.

Today, Kansas City offers a wealth of attractions. The striking landscape includes wide boulevards, beautiful parks, fantastic architecture and more than 200 fountains. The city’s diversions include world-class museums, a vibrant arts scene, superb shopping and great blues and jazz clubs. This is just the beginning of everything that is unique to this Heartland metropolis.

Kansas City Here I Come!  

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Neighborhoods and Districts

North, south, east or west—straddling the Missouri and Kansas state line–Kansas City offers a wealth of diversions in every direction that give it its unique charm and character.

The  Country Club Plaza  offers more than 150 shops and restaurants, nestled among beautiful Spanish-influenced architecture.

Downtown and in the Power & Light District, amid the skyscrapers and fantastic Art Deco buildings, you’ll find a vibrant, new energy in the heart of the city, thanks to a $6.5-billion renaissance.

Once-vacant warehouses have made way for a bohemian  Crossroads Arts District  neighborhood that you never would expect in this part of the country.

18th & Vine, once the epicenter of the city’s African-American community, is a hot spot for jazz, barbecue and a look back at the game of baseball.

Westport   is an historic district that is now one of Kansas City’s liveliest nightspots and most eclectic shopping districts.

Sports, stores and splashes are in store at  Village West, the largest entertainment area in the proud Sunflower State. But word to the wise—come early and stay late, because this Kansas suburb is jam-packed with something for everyone.

The Northland  knocks its suburban mantra with one-of-a-kind restaurants, great shopping districts and the first riverboat casinos in the state of Missouri.

The quintessential neighborhoods of  Brookside & Waldo    are filled with charming homes, charming shops, charming restaurants and charming people.

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