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Friends with Benefits

Everyone could use a few Friends with Benefits!

A primary benefit of travel is sharing experiences, and that includes those of us who have chosen this industry as our profession.

And like office workers who talk about the latest news around the break-room water cooler, travel writers and photographers possess a unique worldwide bond created by our love for and sharing of stories, images, and more about the many fantastic destinations, people, cultures, languages, foods, and music in our world.

On Friends with Benefits you will find a wealth of travel-related websites, publications, blogs, etc., each offering unique aspects of travel to help you create your own amazing escapades!

Candice McField Fitness – 

Candice McField Fitness (CMF) caters to those who live life on the road and who are passionate about travel. From flight crews to business travelers and globetrotters—whether you are planning to climb Table Mountain, dance all night in Rio, conquer the Great Wall of China, crawl through the Chu Chi Tunnels, or simply want get beach-body ready for your next vacay–CMF’s mission is simple: to equip clients with the tools to train anytime, anywhere, no excuses!”


Globetrotter Girls 

Globetrotter Girls is published by Dani Heinrich, a former career ladder climbing cubicle dweller who turned into a full-time globetrotter when she decided semi-spontaneously to take my work on the road and travel the world in April 2010. She is a digital nomad, street food junkie, avid house-sitter, photographer, big city lover and pizza addict; always on the hunt for amazing street art, mouthwatering vegetarian food, secluded beaches, scenic running routes, hidden gems off the beaten path and a hammock to work from.


SoulOfAmerica –  

SoulOfAmerica welcomes all visitors who wish to broaden their travel options by exploring editorial and photographic black cultural treasures in U.S. Cities, the Caribbean and select International destinations, and to represent a positive view of black cultural travel that explores and embraces the best of black heritage and share it with the world.


Travel Planners Radio and Media – 

Kevin and Sue McCarthy are in the 14th year of their two-hour weekly travel radio show, Travel Planners. Tune in every Saturday, 8-10am Central on Their syndicated radio show is broadcast nationwide on 35 stations and in the Netherlands. Their travels have taken them to 47 states and 39 countries. Tune in to hear their interviews with guests from all over the world on topics ranging from business travel, leisure travel, family and senior travel. The travel couple also write monthly newspaper columns for the Pulse Newspaper, videotape destinations and have just been named official voices of the “Good Morning Riviera Maya” TV show in Riviera Maya, Cancun, Tulum and Playa del Carmen.


U Go Girl –, provides a medium to showcase African American travel writing in addition to a network for sharing advice on travel, travel writing and journalistic opportunities. The site is chockfull of fantastic resource links to the African American travel world with website connections to travel websites, travel clubs, lodging as well as women’s’ travel sites and travel literary sites. Publisher Elaine Lee is an avid world traveler, travel writer and media maven. She is the author/editor of “Go Girl: The Black Woman’s Book of Travel and Adventure” as well as a freelance travel writer who has contributed to the numerous national and local magazines, newspapers and webzines. Her travel stories generally address subjects such as African American travel trends, adventure, women’s travel issues, spirituality, solo travel, health, budget travel and travel planning. She has also contributed stories to five anthologies and two books.


Wanderlust Wonder – 

Husband and wife travel writing duo Jan and Tom Ross have navigated the live, work, love balance beautifully with their website Wanderlust Wonder: One overpacked suitcase at a time. Although Jan loves the beach and Tom loves the snowy mountains, they have learned to compromise and visit those destinations—both within the U.S. and abroad—often, highlighting wonderful travel experiences for the Baby Boomer set as well as for those desiring fun and exciting girlfriend getaways. Hiking, biking, restaurants and foodie tours are also among their passionate wanderlust travels.



And last but certainly not least, this website could not have been possible without the incredible talents of the following people:

Ted Tronnes – 

Ted Tronnes is an entrepreneur and creative director who has helped Fortune 100 companies and nonprofits identify and solve communication challenges in cross-channel marketing, branding, product launches and internal communications.


Jenny Hahn –

And last but certainly not least, this website could not have been possible without the incredible talents of Jenny Hahn a professional artist whose paintings capture the inward journey through bold, colorful expression. Her love for color and expressing emotion carries over into her freelance graphic design work, allowing her to distill and organize information in a way that leads to simple, easy-to-use inspiring beauty. Jenny is also co-founder/owner of Creative Nectar Studio, where she facilitates process-painting workshops to help people tap their inner creativity and learn to live more authentic lives. Her ultimate goal is to transform lives and shape the world with inspiring art and empowered, healing experiences. View more of Jenny’s work at



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