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Micato Safaris: Giving Back to the Community

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Micato Safaris  has made waves in the industry since the day it began its   family-owned business.  It was the first tour operator to hire only local guides in the countries in which it operates.

Micato continues its dedication to home-based groups through a host of local efforts as well. Many safari outfits give back to the community, but few take it to the extent of   Micato Safaris.

It all begins with its bespoke offering to include all gratuities from start to finish. This means that travelers pay one package price for every possible inclusion and never have to worry about tips, which is a common gripe of luxury safari travelers.

The company focuses on a variety of charity needs in the communities that it serves. For example, through the   Micato-AmericaShare   program in Kenya, travelers are assured that a portion of their safari payment is dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished women and children living in the Mukuru slum of Nairobi—people who have been made even more vulnerable by the HIV/AIDS pandemic—by providing educational and economic opportunities to those who need it most.

Micato matches orphans and vulnerable children—many of whom have lost one or both parents to the HIV/AIDS pandemic—with generous Micato travelers who sponsor the children to attend boarding school, for the duration of their high school years and occasionally through university.

With the   One for One commitment,   Micato Safaris pays the fees required to send one African child to school for each person that travels on one of their safaris. These are children that would have otherwise gone without any support, and the Micato offering includes everything that a child would need from his or her beginning age throughout high school, which is beyond what most charities offer.

The Micato   AmericaShare   program also includes donating one book to the Mukuru Slum library (originally founded by Micato) and providing one Huru (“Freedom”) Kit to provide Kenyan girls with desperately needed sanitary supplies so they can stay in school during their periods.

If travelers wish, they have the opportunity to visit the   Harambee Community Centre   and library (created by Micato), which is an impressive place for students to gather, study, and play in a safe environment.

Built in 2007, it offers a variety of activities including a basketball court, a computer area where students can partake in educational games, a fresh water hole providing clean water to the community, and a manufacturing facility that produces healthcare and sanitary items for the slum’s female residents free of charge.

In the library, visitors can leave inspirational messages in name plates in individual books or choose to make a further donation of their own.

It is this type of personalized experience that a traveler will never forget, and Micato always makes these opportunities available to those that choose to partake.

This kind of incentive is part of what gives   Micato Safaris  its allure. The   Micato-AmericaShare charity partnership   is yet another main reason that people always return to Micato; in fact, word of mouth is the main selling point for the tour operator, which hosts the crème de la crème of the world’s diplomats and celebrities.

In an age where travel companies seem to be squeezing every penny out of customers, this is a heartwarming example of one that puts the traveler at the center of the philanthropic experience. Charlotte travelers looking for the ideal safari experience, with a bit of “voluntourism” thrown in, will find that the tailored programs of   Micato Safaris   fit the needs of a wide range of luxury-minded adventurers.

Written by Ramsey Qubein and originally published in the Charlotte Cultural Examiner. Ramsey is a freelance travel journalist and correspondent for Northstar Travel Media covering the hotel and airline industry from every corner of the globe. Read more by Ramsey at
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