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Pakistan and Beyond

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Although a lot of people in life are focused on “What can I get?” increasingly more are focusing on “’Who’ and ‘How’ can I serve?”

That is what you will find with the folks at Saltability.

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Saltability was created by Ann Brown, former  Director of the luxurious Spa Shiki, one of the Midwest’s largest resort spas located at the Lodge of Four Seasons in Lake Ozark, Missouri, and ranked as “One of the Top 100 Spas” by Spas of America.

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Saltability is designed to educate and empower both the general public and the healing community about this Himalayan salt, a pure crystal-like, salt rich in 84 naturally occurring minerals and elements, that is carefully hand-chipped and extracted—using socially, environmentally responsible manufacturing practicesfrom the depths of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.

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The benefits derived are numerous, including balancing the central nervous system and improved sleep. And when used in combination with specialized massage techniques, practitioners can help clients achieve optimum health, healing, and balance that is more profound than using traditional basalt stones.

And Saltability isn’t limited to Spa Shiki. Spas across the country, including such well-known spas as Red Mountain Resort in Utah to the Greenbrier in West Virginia), are offering Saltability’s Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and other services and products

But the story of Saltability at Spa Shiki goes much deeper than that to their core, intentional mission to be of service.

From the products they purchase, to the services they offer, to the organizations with which they choose to partner, Saltability looks for groups that are making a real difference, sharing what they can with others and promoting equality through programs and service.

Following are a few of the non-profit organizations with whom they have forged a deep bond that together, are serving and changing the world for the better:

Citizens Foundation USA, designed by address the poor state of education in Pakistan, to date establishing over 1,000 school units nationwide encompassing some 165,000 students, 50% of which must be female. Learn more at

The Hunar Foundation, whose goal is to “create a new cadre of skilled Pakistanis with intentionally recognized technical qualifications, opening up a new world of opportunities.” Learn more at

charity:water serves by bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, with 100% of their donations going directly to fund clean water programs in 24 countries around the globe. Learn more at

To further support these amazing organizations, Saltability distributes makeup pouches, called batwa, made by approximately 100 women—from the cloth weaving to the hand embroidery and stitching—in the Himalayan Mountain region. A percentage of every sale goes to support their cause and helps employ women in the region. Learn more about how you can help by sending an email to

Additionally, for healing practitioners, with every treatment room kit ordered from Saltability, $1 is given in support of safe drinking water programs worldwide.

Check out the wealth of spa services offered at the amazing Spa Shiki.

Learn more about Saltability, and their focus on Giving Back to the community.

Read all about the Lodge of Four Seasons.

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