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“Aunt Flo” On-the-Go

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Whether at home or travelling for business or pleasure, a visit from “Aunt Flo” can put a little cramp (no pun intended) into your routine. And, easy and discreet access to your supplies can sometimes be challenging.

A great option for us girls is the Tbox.

Made of durable plastic and about the size of a small clutch purse, the Tbox holds up to 8 tampons and comes with suction cups that you can stick to the side of toilets or inside gym or school lockers.

Or, remove them to carry the Tbox in your purse or travel bag. These cute and convenient containers (they also have a smaller to-go option) are great for tweens, teens and mature women, and come in white as well as several fun girlie designs (the leopard print one is a hoot!).

I have to say that using it really lightens the mood of having to entertain “the monthly visitor.”

Written by Lysa Allman-Baldwin

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