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Cool It!

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I’m not saying that I experience hot flashes (I call them power surges anyway) but this product was originally developed by an ingenious woman desiring to alleviate her change of life menopausal hot flashes easily and effectively, but without medicine (or side effects!). The result was coldfront, a very cool (pun intended) personal cooling system.

Inside a convenient carrying case the size of a small make-up bag are two cooling palm packs and a cooling core that re-cools the palm packs throughout the day or night for up to 12 hours.

You can use them on planes, trains, automobiles, at the office, at home, for outdoor events, while exercising—anywhere you might need a touch of coolness—for the entire family; especially during this summer heat. Just sit the case in the freezer, pull it out when you are ready to hit the road and cool it!

Written by Lysa Allman-Baldwin

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