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Everyone Needs a Side Kick

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Everyone needs a side kick and in this case it’s a SideKick360 Smartphone tri-pod adapter.

Although designed to provide precision control and solid camera support to photographers and filmmakers,it is also a very handy to hold a cell phone on your desk while working, and in crowds, walking over bridges, sightseeing on open-top bus tours, and others places where you want to be extra careful not to let your phone get bumped or drop out of your hand.

The 360-degree rotation ball joint and smooth vice-grip handles provide complete and easy vertical and horizontal positioning, and the tripod attachment base fits easily into the palm of your hand. And, it is very lightweight and small enough to drop in your purse or over-the-shoulder travel bag.

Available in 12 vibrant colors, you can choose one that suits your personality   instead of only having to go with the standard black.

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