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GPS for your Luggage

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If you’ve ever found something you wish you could return to its owner, or lost something without any identifying contact information, you’d probably appreciate FinderCodes Smart Tags.

Available in key-ring, adhesive, cord-sleeve, and iron-on formats, FinderCode Smart Tags are durable identification tags that use QR—Quick Response—codes similar to UPC barcodes that are more powerful and versatile to link an item with its owner.

By scanning the Smart Tag code, or entering it online, a finder of a lost item can instantly and anonymously contact the item’s owner to coordinate the item’s return.

The tags attach to almost anything: suitcases, electronics, clothing, pets, sports equipment, and even your child’s school or sports stuff. Then all you have to do is create an online account, register each code, and choose how someone who finds your things can anonymously contact you. You can even enter an optional reward.

Unlike traditional identification tags, FinderCode Smart Tags allow you to keep your name, phone number, and address confidential, protect owner’s and finder’s identities by providing anonymous text and email messaging, are GPS-enabled to show an item’s location when the tag is scanned to help coordinate its return, enable you to personalize a message to the finder and include detailed information about your lost pet or item, and provide a quick and easy Re-Turnit shipping option via FedEx Office.

The QR codes can be easily read by a Smartphone using the FinderCodes app, or via their website. FinderCode kits are available at


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