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(Travel) Love Makes the World Go Round

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I believe that travel is one of the most educational, eye-opening, inspirational, fascinating experiences that one can have in their lifetime.

Whether it’s enjoying a museum, park or event close to home; driving several hours further afield to explore a national monument or cultural district; taking flight across our borders to delve into the history and traditions of another country; or cruising to numerous foreign lands to learn about different people, religions, foods and more.

And, everything in between!

It’s why I absolutely love being a Travel Writer. Although it is a job often fraught with writer’s block, simultaneous deadlines, constant packing and unpacking, travel fatigue,  being away from family for sometimes extended periods of time, adjusting to different time zones, weather and culinary options, and other challenges, I wouldn’t have it any other way! My name is Lysa, and I’m a travel junkie!

There are many others—thousands to say the least—who have this same wanderlust “affliction.” Together, we possess a unique worldwide bond created by our love for and sharing of stories, images, and more about the many fantastic destinations, people, cultures, languages, foods, and music in our world. And quite frankly, it is in great part because of these relationships that I have become the writer that I am.

So I thought I’d share the “Travel Writer Love” and spotlight some of the many travel writers, photographers, editors, publications, websites and more that continue to inspire and support me, both in my own backyard and around the world.

Christine Negroni

Christine Negroni is an avid writer, storyteller and communicator, who believes that writing is the art of expression and words are the tools of the trade. Over the years, she has worked as a television correspondent, newspaper reporter, author, investigator, aviation safety specialist and marketing and public relations adviser.

Globetrotter Girls

Globetrotter Girls is published by Dani Heinrich, a former career ladder climbing cubicle dweller turned full-time digital nomad, street food junkie, avid house-sitter, photographer, big city lover and pizza addict; always on the hunt for amazing street art, mouthwatering vegetarian food, secluded beaches, scenic running routes, hidden gems off the beaten path and a hammock to work from.


GoNOMAD features original, unusual and inspiring travel articles written by top travel writers for anyone who is well-versed in travel and wants to get the skinny on the unexplored, the unseen and the unwritten about. They also provide detailed guides to off-the-beaten-path destinations and favorites from a new perspective.

Kimberly Winter Stern 

Kimberly Winter Stern is an award-winning lifestyle, travel, food writer and editor who constantly scours the country for culinary and destination jewels. Her work appears in diverse national, regional and local magazines, she is the face behind the name of Kim Dishes, a foodie’s dream blog, and is a national blogger for the Dean & DeLuca Gourmet Food Blog where she cooks, styles, shoots and writes about cooking. 

Nancy Pistorius

Nancy Pistorius is a Kansas-based travel writer with bylines in over 67 different publications, and has won national awards for journalism and creative writing. She is currently the Kansas City Getaways Examiner ( and doesn’t agree that “there’s no place like home,” because sometimes she’d rather be exploring the rest of the world.

Off Beat Travel

Off Beat Travel tells the stories of offbeat places and destinations with a fresh look at old favorites by folks who have been there. The editor of the OffbeatTravel series of websites is Neala Schwartzberg McCarten, a freelance writer and editor specializing in travel-related stories whose articles have appeared in numerous local and national publications.

Patrice Raplee

Patrice Raplee is an experienced travel photojournalist and editor who travels the globe to cover destinations that feature fascinating culture, art, culinary, history and soft adventure. Her photographs and articles have appeared in numerous U.S. and international publications, she is the editor of Travel Excursion and Seattle Spotlight, writes a monthly travel column for the award-wining site Offbeat Travel, and is a regular contributor on travel radio shows. 


SoulOfAmerica welcomes all visitors who wish to broaden their travel options by exploring editorial and photographic black cultural treasures in U.S. Cities, the Caribbean and select International destinations, and to represent a positive view of black cultural travel that explores and embraces the best of black heritage. 

The Smart Empty Nest Traveler

The Smart Empty Nest Traveler offers tools, tips and suggestions for quick weekend getaways or that once-in-a-lifetime splurge, and everything in between, for primarily the “Empty Nest” traveler. 

Traveling In My World

Traveling In My World chronicles the experiences of veteran travel and lifestyle journalist, Michael Andre Adams. The website provides a platform for Adams to share and introduce readers to people who do fascinating things, places that are breathtakingly beautiful and exciting things to see and do based on actual experiences worldwide. 

Travel Planners Radio and Media

This syndicated radio show is broadcast nationwide on 35 stations and in the Netherlands every Saturday, 8-10am Central on Tune in to hear their interviews with guests from all over the world on topics ranging from business travel, leisure travel, family and senior travel.

 Travel Squire

Travel Squire is a digital magazine and travel therapist in one. Compiled, written and edited by destination specialists, the magazine is beautiful, fun to read and provides you with nearly everything you need to plan your next adventure.

Twirl Around the World

Twirl Around the World chronicles the travel adventures of Leah Sekula Murr, a Travel and Fashion Expert, Freelance Writer, Photographer and Videographer. From the stunning architecture in Madrid to the breathtaking blues of the Galapagos Islands, Leah blogs and pens feature articles about her fantastic travels and fashion finds.

Wanderlust Wonder

Wanderlust Wonder is the creation of Tom and Jan Ross who love to travel, photograph and write about what they call “That moment of unreality, of awe, of complete wonder at the experience of being in another place.”

U Go Girl provides a medium to showcase African American travel writing in addition to a network for sharing advice on travel, travel writing and journalistic opportunities. Publisher Elaine Lee is an avid world traveler, travel writer, media maven and author/editor of Go Girl: The Black Woman’s Book of Travel and Adventure.

Voyage Vixens

Co-founded by Lanee Lee Neil and Lindsay Taub, Voyage Vixens™ is an online hub and web series for fun, fearless travelers who want it all – adventure, romance, culture, food and drink, and all around inspiring experiences around the globe.

Written by Lysa Allman-Baldwin


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    You are very welcome! You deserve it.

  2. Thanks Lyssa- we’re honored to share this space with the other friends of ours who make the travel writing community a bright and shining place of wonder and fun!

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