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  • SIM Card Safe

    Although today’s technology continues to provide us with leaner, smaller technology that fits into our palm or pocket, some still come armed with a variety of tiny SIM cards about the size of penny that need to be swapped out now and again. So for those constantly on the go, particularly frequent travelers taking along cameras, cell phones and the like, you can keep all of those cards safe and organized with the GPG2 Mobile Safe…

  • The New York Nobody Knows

    I’m a big fan of traveling somewhere new in your own backyard, as it’s so easy within the rigors of everyday life to get trapped within the confines of a _____-mile radius of our homes. Well, William B. Helmreich, a life-long New Yorker, took that close-to-home travel concept one step further to what became the adventures he writes about in The New York Nobody Knows: Walking 6,000 Miles in the City. Who knew that a childhood…

  • Soul Food Stops

    Restaurants that appeal to the African American travel market go well beyond simple black history, culture, food or music. They create and share an environment that genuinely captures the connection and passion that people of color desire and feel for each other in their daily lives. Following are a few great spots for groups that offer authentic tastes and experiences of the Afrocentric diaspora to get your soulful sojourns on the move. Southern Twist in the…

  • A Touch of France in Virginia

    Situated in a breathtaking region of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia between Mile Posts 171 and 172 (not far from the city of Roanoke) and boasting absolutely amazing panoramic views, Chateau Morrisette, founded in 1978 and owned and operated by the Morrisette family who has lived in this area for generations, is one of the largest wineries in the state. From its early beginnings as a small vineyard it has continued to grow, today encompassing…

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