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  • A Touch of France in Virginia

    Situated in a breathtaking region of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia between Mile Posts 171 and 172 (not far from the city of Roanoke) and boasting absolutely amazing panoramic views, Chateau Morrisette, founded in 1978 and owned and operated by the Morrisette family who has lived in this area for generations, is one of the largest wineries in the state. From its early beginnings as a small vineyard it has continued to grow, today encompassing…

  • Cool It!

    I’m not saying that I experience hot flashes (I call them power surges anyway) but this product was originally developed by an ingenious woman desiring to alleviate her change of life menopausal hot flashes easily and effectively, but without medicine (or side effects!). The result was coldfront, a very cool (pun intended) personal cooling system. Inside a convenient carrying case the size of a small make-up bag are two cooling palm packs and a cooling core…

  • Everyone Needs a Side Kick

    Everyone needs a side kick and in this case it’s a SideKick360 Smartphone tri-pod adapter. Although designed to provide precision control and solid camera support to photographers and filmmakers,it is also a very handy to hold a cell phone on your desk while working, and in crowds, walking over bridges, sightseeing on open-top bus tours, and others places where you want to be extra careful not to let your phone get bumped or drop out of…

  • Functional Apparel for the Male Traveler

    For some great looking and very functional travel apparel men check out SCOTTeVEST.  Specializing in intelligently designed, TEC-Technology Enabled Clothing®, SCOTTeVEST produces a diverse line of products, allwith unique, hidden pockets perfect for concealing your cell phone, loose cash, wallet, passport, iPhone/iPod/iPad, and so forth. The rub is that all of their offerings—vests, jackets, hoodies, pants, shirts, t-shirts and polo shirts—are well-designed and very stylish, so that you don’t look like you’re wearing a dumpy looking…

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