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  • African American Adventure Travel

    Looking at the people portrayed in most adventure travel literature today, most of the non-white faces you see are the indigenous people, local guides and servants featured there. Until now, the typical adventure traveler has been the 35 year-old white male, but increasingly women and people of color are exploring new and adventuresome ways to navigate and play on our planet, creating new travel patterns and a new travel market. Let’s look at some factors behind…

  • Grenada – The Spice of the Caribbean

    So many islands, so little time! The former is what the Caribbean has to offer—a wealth of stunning, historic, distinctive and unapologetically inimitable locales that each offer something for everyone. Located in the Southern Caribbean, Grenada is known as “The Spice of the Caribbean.” It is actually part of the tri-island state—encompassing Grenada, Carriacou (pronounced Carry-a-coo) and Petite Martinique—often collectively referred to as the “Island of Spice.” From its jaw dropping white sand beaches to the…

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