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  • A Taste of Nashville

    Take a look at any recipe and you’ll find a teaspoon of this, a dash of that, an ounce of something else…all combining to bring forth a mélange of flavors, textures, hues and bouquets to delight the five senses. The same can be said for the gastronomic landscape in Nashville, where you’ll find a colorful, delectable, amazingly delicious mélange of global cuisine, peppered with a touch of the South. Top pics in this metro area are…

  • 20 US Places Before You Die

    As you might imagine, as a Travel Writer for over 18 years I have been to quite a few destinations in my time. However the list of places I want to go is probably five times as long, as there are just so many wonderful places, people, things, food, cultures and so forth that I want to experience. So I am always taking tips from friends, browsing through travel magazines and books and watching TV travel…

  • Grenada – The Spice of the Caribbean

    So many islands, so little time! The former is what the Caribbean has to offer—a wealth of stunning, historic, distinctive and unapologetically inimitable locales that each offer something for everyone. Located in the Southern Caribbean, Grenada is known as “The Spice of the Caribbean.” It is actually part of the tri-island state—encompassing Grenada, Carriacou (pronounced Carry-a-coo) and Petite Martinique—often collectively referred to as the “Island of Spice.” From its jaw dropping white sand beaches to the…

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