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Along the Colonial Trail

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The Colonial history of the United States is a wealth of stories encompassing culture, emigration, sacrifice, conflict and discovery that together have had a profound and lasting impact on the country in which we live today.

Among them are:

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St. Augustine, Florida

Founded in 1565 and the capital of Spanish Florida for nearly 200 years, St. Augustine owns the distinction of being the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in North America and the oldest town plat in the United States.

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Savannah, Georgia

When English visionary, social reformer and military leader Gen. James Oglethorpe landed on a bluff high above the Savannah River in search of a better life for his home country’s working poor, he named this new territory Georgia, after England’s King George II, making it America’s 13th and final colony. He called its first city Savannah, honoring the river above which it sat.

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Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, Virginia

Linked by the scenic 23-mile Colonial Parkway, Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown played integral roles in the English settlement of the Chesapeake region beginning in the early 1600s and, in the process, helped transform the original 13 Colonies into a new free and independent country. 

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Newport, Rhode Island

The charming coastal town of Newport, Rhode Island, known as America’s First Resort, was one of the foremost ports in the Colonies. Today it is home to one of the largest, most extensive and well-preserved assortments of Colonial-era buildings dating from the early and mid-18th century. 

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Plimoth Plantation, which sits on an archaeological site with artifacts dating back 8,000 years, brings the 17th century to life with award-winning interpretation, workshops, demonstrations, special-interest clubs, exhibits and live theater at five major sites in three separate locations.

Each of these Colonial destinations offers a wealth of distinctive special experiences, some particularly suited for tour groups. Read more.

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