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Great Wine Adventures

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From Maine to California, Washington State to Florida, and almost everywhere in between, while traversing along many of the country’s major highways and petite country roads you can find wonderful vineyards, wineries, wine trails (and wine related events) nearly year-round.

So whether you are a true wine aficionado, choose your wines based on how pretty the bottle looks, or fall somewhere in between, anyone can get out and enjoy tasting and learning about wines. 

Here are a few places to get you started.

 The New York “Vines”

You may not realize this, but New York State is one of the country’s oldest commercial wine regions, and is said to produce the greatest diversity of wine from any one wine region in the world. 

Statewide you will find close to 150 wonderful, flavorful and historic wineries, with vines originating from the French, Dutch and English who brought them from Europe when they settled here several hundred years ago. 

Consider doing a little wine exploration through Long Island, where wineries can be found in The Hamptons as well as in Northeast and Southeast Suffolk. In the Hudson River Valley, some 500 acres of vineyards blanket both the west and east sides of the Hudson River. 

The New York Wine & Grape Foundation,

Long Island Wine Council, 631.369.5887,

New York Wine Cork, 877.302.WINE, 518.632.9260,

Wines in the Heartland

Blessed by fertile ground and a long growing season, winemakers have successfully produced exceptional grapes and nationally and internationally recognized wines in the state of Missouri for over 150 years. In fact, by 1870 Missouri was the second-largest wine-producing state in the country, and legend has it that at one time “American wine” usually meant Missouri wine. 

Today there are more than 40 wineries dotted around the state, many situated closely together which allows for exploration of several different styles and varieties within the same day.  One of the more well-known winery areas is known as the Missouri Weinstrasse. German for “Wine Road,” the Weinstrasse is a tribute to the German immigrants from the Rhine River Valley. Stretching from St. Charles to Hermann (about midway between Kansas City and St. Louis), this two-lane road encompasses numerous wineries and is a wonderful way to spend a weekend. 

Missouri Weinstrasse,

Missouri Winemaking Society,

Wonderful Wines of Missouri, 800.392.WINE,


 California Wine Country

About an hour and a half north of San Francisco is Sonoma County, world-renown for its thriving vineyards that consistently produce quality award-winning wines and Northern California’s first wine producing region. Excellent wineries dot the area, each completely different from the next and offering a divergent experiences and exposures to the many facets of wine and winemaking.

Some of the biggest names and oldest wineries can be found in the Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley regions, which encompass literally thousands of vineyard acreage, and hundreds of grape varieties. 

Wine Zone,

Sonoma County Wineries Association, 707.586.3795,

Texas Hill Country

Most people don’t know that the Texas Hill Country is one of the fastest-growing wine destinations in the country, encompassing three viticulture areas with 14 wineries located in and around the city and county, and offering numerous self-guided and guided wine tours and events year-round. 

One way to explore them is along Wine Road 290 Fredericksburga 45 mile stretch of US Highway 290 and “the second most visited wine region in the United States second only to Napa Valley according to Orbitz Travel,” or, check out Texas Hill Country Wineries with more than 35 unique and visually stunning wineries throughout the Hill Country and a little further afield. 

Texas Hill Country Wineries, 872.216.9463, 

Wine Road 290 Fredericksburg, 872.216.9463,


 Get to Sippin!

Touring a winery and the grounds is as much a part of the wine tasting experience as tasting the wine itself.  But no matter where you travel, be sure to stop and smell the grapes and enjoy all that wine tasting has to offer.


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