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San Diego: The Capital of Craft Beer

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According to the folks at American Craft Beer Week, there are an estimated 2,400-plus small and independent craft brewers dotted across the U.S., making it, they say, “the world’s most diverse brewing destination.” And for the past 10 years or so, beer tasting has steadily evolved from simple free beer tours at local breweries, to multi-faceted affairs coupled with outdoor activities, travel, festivals, and culinary events.

While there are many cities across the country that offer some fantastic “sudsy” taste bud adventures, San Diego has claimed itself as “The Capital of Craft Beer,” boasting over 100 craft breweries. And it’s not just the PR folks and locals that are saying it, as there are numerous innovative breweries here that have been honored with a bevy of international awards “including the World Beer Cup where San Diego garnered more awards than traditional brewing destinations like Germany and Belgium,” according to the San Diego Tourism Authority.

To get a little taste—pun intended—for what the city has to offer mild sippers, staunch beer enthusiasts, and everyone in between, check out some of these exciting “beercentric” events and activities.

Brewery Tours San Diego incorporates tastings and sightseeing at local breweries and taprooms. Each tour includes a seasoned “Beer Geek Tour Guide,” transportation to three craft breweries, a brewery production tour, up to six beer samples at each location, a barbecue meal, and a souvenir tasting glass.

Explore how cultures like the Chinese, Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and others perfected the art of brewing, as well as how beer culture can be interlinked between agriculture, writing, cities, and even religion at BEERrology, presented at the San Diego Museum of Man in Balboa Park.

Sit back and relax during a “Beer Tasters,” “Beer Connoisseur,” or other tour offered by Brew Hop, which offers custom-designed private brewery tours in the comfort of luxury transportation.

Tasting and science do mix at White Labs, where in addition to sampling brew-flights from this company recognized as one of the largest producers of brewer’s yeast for local craft brewers and international brewers in the world, visitors can learn about how different yeast strains influence beer characteristics and flavors.

Stroll along the North Park neighborhood’s 30th Street and enjoy dozens of restaurants and bars proudly featuring a cornucopia of local brews. Waypoint Public, Belching Beaver Brewery, Poorhouse Brewing Company, Ritual Kitchen & Tavern, Rip Current Brewing, Toronado San Diego and South Park Brewing are just a few of the local favs you will find here.

More Sudsy Fun!

Learn more about some of the outstanding places where visitors can discover for themselves why San Diego has emerged as the Capital of Craft Beer.

New York, Portland and Chicago are other great cities to get your beer groove on. Read on in “Will Work for Beer!”

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  1. Amazing Escapades says:

    Yes it does and many people enjoy sipping here and throughout the area. Pub Crawl on indeed! Thanks for your comments!

  2. Vicky says:

    The city has some of the most spectacular and diverse beer collection, it seems. This can make up for a good pub crawl in San Diego

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