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Wine Tasting in the Niagara Region

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This article was written by Kelly Dunning, a Canadian Freelance Writer, and published on Wine Region Rentals.

Niagara is the largest wine growing region in Canada and the grape-growing gods have blessed it with its own unique micro-climate due to the interaction between Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment. The main centre of the region is Niagara-on-the-Lake, a scenic and historic town that has been ranked the #1 Food and Wine Destination by TripAdvisor.

There are dozens of superb wineries in this part of the world, including Diamond Estates Winery,  Cattail Creek Estate Winery,   Konzelmann,   Jackson-Triggs Niagara Estate   and   Hinterbrook Estate Winery. Each winery has its own style and personality, but what they have in common is a passion for their wines. Many of the wineries are small and produce limited batches of wine that are difficult to find on retail shelves.

The Niagara region is one of the best places in Canada to go on a wine tasting adventure. If you are planning a trip to sample some of the delicious wines of this region, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind:

What is the Best Time to Visit?

One of the best times to take a Niagara wine tasting trip is in the summer or fall. In the summer there will be plenty of festivals and events happening in the area and the weather will be sunny and warm – perfect for sipping wine on an outdoor patio. In the autumn the air will be crisp and refreshing, the leaves will be putting on a spectacular colour display and the local restaurants will be featuring scrumptious harvest-themed seasonal menus.

How many Wineries Should You Visit?

You will realistically be able to visit four or five wineries in a day in this region, as there are several to choose from and they are not very far apart. You might want to plan your day around a specific area, so you won’t have to travel far between each winery.

A good strategy is to choose a primary winery that you want to visit most out of all of the other wineries. It could be because you have heard really good things about it, or it offers an excellent tour and tasting. Make it the first winery you visit, then you can choose other nearby wineries in the surrounding area to also see during the rest of the day. Using Google Maps can be a great way to search for wineries nearby.

 Should You Drive Yourself or Take a Tour?

When you are planning a wine tasting tour with your friends around Niagara Wine Country, you could bring your own car and choose a designated driver who wants to join in the fun but not partake in the drinking. However, if you can’t find anyone who wants to enjoy a wine tour without the wine – you could also choose one of the companies that specialise in wine tours and packages. They will usually offer a highly knowledgeable tour guide who will be able to tell you plenty of fascinating facts about the region and add a great deal to your overall experience.  You can book your tour with one of our partners at    Wine Region Rentals. 

 Planning Your Trip

Start your wine tour as early as possible and arrive at the first winery as soon as it opens, so that you get the best service. If you have 30-40 minutes of travel to get to the first winery, make sure that you set off early so that you don’t waste valuable time! Most wineries are open 11-5, but you can find the specific opening hours of the wineries you want to visit by checking their website.

More Important Tips

  • Make sure that you plan a substantial breakfast and lunch into your day. Drinking all of that wine on an empty stomach is a bad idea.
  • Some wineries might require you to make a reservation for a tasting or tour, especially if you are in a large group, so make sure that you call in advance.
  • Research the event days that are being held at the wineries throughout the year, you might find that there is a special occassion or a celebration being held at one of the wineries on your list.

Keep these tips in mind to plan a fantastic wine tasting trip to the beautiful Niagara Region of Ontario. Visit   Wine Region Rentals  for more information to help you plan your trip.

About the Author:

A Canadian freelance writer with a love of art, culture, literature and adventure, Kelly loves exploring foreign lands and expressing her experiences through the power of the written word. She and her English boyfriend Lee run, packed full with travel guides, stories and inspiration for those who dream of travel. They have been location independent and travelling the world digital-nomad style for the last three years, with no address, no car and no fixed schedule.

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